Many people like you dream of being able to have long-lasting sex; unfortunately the reality is far different. According to a recent study by the European Society for Sexual Medicine, 1 in 4 men suffers from premature ejaculation, i.e. ejaculates within 2/3 minutes. We all know that’s not enough to satisfy a woman. Another finding emerged from the study when 97.4% of the men were asked how long they lasted during sex. After they had answered, they were asked to time how long they lasted each time they had sex for the following month. The result was an average overestimate of 62%. So here we have the answer to why everyone says they are “studs”. So you will rightly be thinking… 

If so many people are suffering from this disorder, why is it that when I search online, I can’t find a satisfactory answer? 

It’s very straightforward: besides the sites offering the famous 10 tips for lasting longer, which I’ll refrain from commenting on, the pharmaceutical companies and many other professionals working in the sector would rather offer desensitising sprays/creams or medicines for sale. This is because it suits them to give you a minimal benefit but keep selling you the product for months and months… I’ve even heard of people who have bought sprays for years! They threw so much money away just to last 20 seconds longer… ABSURD! 

So why am I willing to give you the solution you want so much?

Because I’VE BEEN THERE, I’ve experienced for myself the shame of finishing too soon and leaving her unsatisfied; I know what that silence means, and that look they have when you didn’t last long enough… and I know all too well the FEAR of having sex due to the fear of finishing too soon… I know what that tingling on the tip of the penis you feel as soon as you start to get aroused means, and I know that as long as you feel that tingling you’ll be a long way from controlling ejaculation, or even just a decent performance. 

Now I’ll explain the technique that I discovered in collaboration with a doctor, but if you think you’ve understood half-way through and don’t bother reading the whole article, unfortunately you won’t understand and you’ll keep on performing badly. 

And that’s not what we want.

Let’s begin with the origins of sexual intercourse. As you know, the primary function of sex is reproduction and not pleasure. So when the brain perceives the stimuli of sexual activity, it activates all of those involuntary mechanisms that will lead to ejaculation. Maybe in 2 minutes, maybe in 30 seconds; the timing isn’t under your control – but it can be!

 These involuntary mechanisms begin with the perception of pleasure thanks to the sensitive nerve endings located on the tip of the penis. The nerves function by sending messages to the brain and we can’t intervene during this phase, but that isn’t an issue at this point.

 The real problem begins when the brain sends another message back, again through the nerve fibres, or when it sends the ejaculation signal – but here’s where we can intervene! More precisely, we can prevent the activation of the pelvic floor muscles between the testicles and the anus. If these muscles don’t activate, the sperm can’t be expelled and consequently ejaculation will NOT take place until YOU decide to activate these muscles.

 I’ll try to explain what I mean by the final part of the involuntary mechanisms, both during sex and during masturbation (the latter is easier to try). If you put a finger between the testicles and the anus a few moments before ejaculation, you’ll feel the muscle of the pelvic floor, which pulsates and acts as a pump. It is precisely this activation/pulsation that makes you ejaculate. So if you learn how to stop this from happening, you’ll learn to control your ejaculation!

 Before I give you the technique, I have further essential information 

 So far, everything that I’ve explained applies to anyone. HOWEVER, those who suffer from premature ejaculation have sped up these involuntary mechanisms enormously. That is, when the body perceives sexual intercourse, it starts to activate all the mechanisms but in an accelerated way because it’s been taught to do so! Generally, these mistaken behaviours occur during adolescence, but not always! The most common behaviour of all is speeding up the act of masturbation for fear of being caught by your parents, and trying to come as soon as possible. Does that sound at all familiar? Or solely for the pleasure of really going for it. However, if you go fast without any control, what’s the result? 

 Easy… Premature ejaculation! 

 If you’ve masturbated quickly for years, you’ve taught your body to ejaculate quickly! 

 The reason is that the human body is a perfect machine, so if you repeat a behaviour for a medium-long period of time, the body memorises it and accepts it! What I mean here is that when the same action recurs, your body automatically repeats it without you even noticing! 

 These are trivial examples, but to understand the body’s immense ability to memorise behaviours, known by their scientific name of motor patterns, consider the following cases. Have you ever forgotten how to ride a bike? How to swim? How to kick a ball? If you’ve learned to whistle, you don’t forget how to do it; there’s an infinite number of examples.

 Those who ejaculate within 2-3 minutes have pre-activated their pelvic floor. The body has been taught this condition, and consequently it will repeat this behaviour every time. Anyone who pre-activates his pelvic floor when he becomes aroused generally feels a tingling sensation on the tip of the penis. See if you notice it next time.

 The technique I discovered aims to reprogramme the behaviour of the pelvic floor and teaches you how to control it.

Are you eager to find out how it’s really done?

What if I told you it’s simpler than you think?  

You’re one step away from improving your sexual performance in a way you can’t even dare to imagine. 

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